Buy Home Decor After You Envision Your Home’s Character

For the first nineteen years of my life I lived in the same town in my parents home. Whatever home decor there was interested me little, it was just there. Then I went to Italy for a year and lived with an Italian Duke and his family. They lived in a villa in Rome. There I noticed the home decor. The rooms were huge. The Duchess had a penchant for elaborate baroque wall mirrors. They were everywhere, with the rest of the home decor to match. Most days the gardener cut arms full of fresh flowers. I often helped to carry them because I liked to follow him around so that I could look at the classical art statue sculptures and fountains. They, and marble benches, strategically placed between the trees and flowers, were the garden decor. Since I liked to do it, it soon became my job to arrange the flowers in decorative vases. I had a free hand in placing them on tables, cabinets and plant stands. It wasn’t exactly decorating, but it gave me a satisfying feeling to contribute something to those marvelous rooms.

After one year I moved to Paris, France. Not much scope for home decorating there. I lived in a tiny furnished room, where the home decor consisted of a narrow bed, a pine wood chair, a wardrobe and a wood cabinet with a washbowl. A bare light bulb hung from the ceiling. All I added was a decorative mirror, a reading lamp and a crystal vase, which I kept filled with fresh flowers from the market.

After that it was exciting to move into a house near Los Angeles, California, which I shared with my sister. Without much planning, we decided what we needed and went out to buy whatever appealed to us. As nice as the furniture had looked in the showroom, somehow, in that house it did not seem right. For one thing, it was much too massive and the colors clashed with the paint colors and window coverings. We did not have much time to stew over it since we both carried a full load of courses at the college and worked four hours after class and eight on Saturdays.
The day after I graduated, I got married and my wonderful husband and I moved into an apartment near his work. At first I had fun buying new furniture and making the place look nice, but soon I realized that apartment living was not for me. I missed wandering between the flowers and sitting on the garden bench under the open sky with that first cup of coffee,
As soon as our lease was up, we moved into a house on a steep hillside. We used the furniture we had, even though it looked out of place. Going around to flea markets and buying items without thinking whether they would fit in with what we had, did not help. At the same time my husband inherited his uncle’s collectible knives, swords and sabers. They presented a real challenge for me. What was I to do with home decor like that?

Mother Nature soon took care of my dilemma. The house and most of what we owned was burned in the Bel Air fire. Of course I was very sad about the loss, yet I was excited.
Here was my chance to start all over again and this time I intended to make the home decor match the house.

We rented a bungalow with a slanting roof, dark, exposed beams and lots of windows. We moved in with just a few borrowed necessities and stacks of home decor magazines and books. As I saw pictures of things that appealed to me, I would sit in different corners of the empty room I wanted to furnish and envisioned imaginary items in place. It was a great method to decide on my selection. Lime green and lemon yellow were very much in fashion then and probably would have looked ghastly in any of the other dwellings we had had. But in that house, with the dark beams, dark oak flooring and big windows framed by citrus trees, I could envision that it would look nice. And it did. It was a delightful home.

A year later my husband decided to go back to college for his Masters Degree. We loaded what we could into our Volkswagen Bus, sold the rest of our belongings and headed for Austin, Texas, accompanied by two babies and a cat. Money was tight and home decor took a back seat to all else. Like so many student accommodations, ours had a lot of make-do furnishings. The bricks and boards book shelves, the milk crate and plywood tables and second hand sofas and beds. Our newborn slept in what used to be a packing box for toilet paper, nicely lined with colorful fabric. It didn’t seem to matter. I devoted my time to my children. My husband devoted his time to his studies .

In less than twelve month he got his degree and was recommended by his professor to a company in Pasadena, California.

We found a lovely cottage style home. Once again I was absolutely thrilled to be able to start decorating from scratch, since we had brought nothing with us. I went through the routine of sitting in different corners of the empty rooms and envisioned what, of the things I had seen in magazines and home decor stores, would look good in that house. I settled on country cottage style home decor and in the end, of all the homes we had lived in, this one, still today, was the one we felt most comfortable and at home in.

Our bliss lasted for almost two years until my husband was transferred to Atlanta, Georgia. Fortunately the company let us fly there ahead of time to check the place out and I could see right away that in the colonial style homes we looked at, country cottage home decor would never do. My husband came to an agreement with his company, that instead of paying for the movers to transport our furniture, they would give him a lump sum.

With great pleasure I acquainted myself with colonial style home decor, sat in the empty rooms envisioning what to put where and in the end came up with a truly elegant period masterpiece. What a delight it was to entertain in that house.

I should have known that it would not last but must admit that I said yes faster than my husband when his boss offered him a job in Nepal.

We had no idea what to expect in that country. Things seemed primitive compared to what we were used to but we loved it. We found a rather grand looking house where the water pipes and electrical lines were all outside the walls. The fuse boxes were right by the entrance so that everybody could see that this house was modern enough to have such luxuries. The floors were naked cement and there was no heating. Sitting in corners of the empty rooms to envision them furnished did not do it here either, since there were no stores where one could just go and buy furniture. Simple beds, with hemp cords strung between the sides and badly made whicker chairs were all one could buy ready made.

Other expatriates advised us to get pictures of home decor we would like to have and take them to a carpenter who may or may not come up with something similar. We did and also found a place in the bazaar where we could order coir carpeting. It did not look like much but felt invigoratingly rough under bare feet. Dishes, cutlery and whatever else one needs in a home also were of ghastly quality, but it did not matter, nobody else had anything better, except for embassy staff, who got everything shipped in. Slowly the pieces of furniture we had ordered were delivered and little by little the place started to look like a home. Finally we could reciprocate for all the many invitations we had accepted from ex pats and local people alike. We might not have had the home decor we would have liked but since the electricity often failed anyhow, by candlelight it did look delightful. Besides, we had one of the best cooks in Katmandu and visitors told us that they would have come to eat his food, had the house been empty.

We were supposed to go back to the United States after my husband’s contract was up but even before that, his boss wanted him to transfer to Madras, India. By good fortune we found
an almost new bungalow which had been build on stilts so as to not disturb the roots of a huge holy tree in front of it. The house was built in a square around a courtyard with a mango tree in the middle and all rooms had big glass double doors opening out to it. When I saw the place, I could immediately envision a garden theme and was glad to find fabrics with a lattice and bamboo design for the curtains and matching green upholstery for the sofas and chairs we had made. Even though it took many trips to the bazaar, and frequent reminders to the carpenters, eventually all the home decor complimented the garden feeling I had wanted to achieve. It was like living outdoors.

After that we moved fourteen more times, always to different countries, all over the world, without ever bringing any furnishings with us. Each time I went through the same process of sitting in the empty rooms, envisioning the results I wanted to achieve, then finding the right home decor. The results were always perfect for that particular house.

Few people move as much as we did. For them it is even more important, right at the beginning, to decorate their home to suit it’s character. Having chosen what looks right then will still look right years later.

Devan Beds – One of the Most Fascinating Home Decor Furniture

The divan bed is also referred to as day time beds. These beds are more popular these days. There are several types of beds are available in the market but these are more popular and in more use these days. These beds are mostly divided into two separate parts, the Upper part and the Bottom part. The upper part consists of mattress and the lower portion is made hollow so as to use for storing some different items. These two separate portions are separated by thick layer or platform mainly made up of thick plywood. Over this hard portion, sprung is allocate so as to make mattress sitting comfortable. These beds are mostly used in big cities in almost every home where the space is limited for daily living and are useful to store more items. This allowed minimizing the expenditure on additional furniture’s for storing different domestic things. Regular domestic things like blankets, pillow covers and bed sheets which are light in weight can be store in these boxes. In such a manner, they provides wonderful and attractive look to the minimum space. There are different types of beds are available in the current market. They are available with different sizes and rates according to the customer’s requirement. The single type, double type, cheap type divan bed are the most common types of beds which are in regular use these days.

Most less floor capturing type of divan bed are single divan bed.They are suitable for an individual. They are basically 3 feet high and made up of latex or sprung. The most durable type is made up of wood. They can be placed anywhere in the corners of the room and against the surrounding walls. If you are thinking to buy new bed for your bed room which can provide much attraction and give durability, then you must go for double type. Recently, these beds get more popularity in comparison with the previous ones and are present in almost every home. These beds provide the luxurious living with wide range of monolithic designs, elegance and colors. These beds offer various comfort limits to their customers. These double type beds consist of four different shelves in its bottom. So, this provides more space for storage. Hence, this makes them more reliable. Frame of these types of beds are very strong so as to adjust any sized mattress.

These days, cheap divan bed has a great market demands. These types of beds are available in the market with affordable price and every body wants to purchase these beds. Beds are more popular just because of their multipurpose usage especially in less construction. It is made available to every income people. These types of beds are most common among peoples. One can buy these beds from the various local retailers present there in the market.

On the contrary, king size divan bed are bigger in size as comparison with others. They take large space to install. The king size divan bed are too costly just because of their size and can’t easily affordable by the middle class families.

Modern Style of Home Decoration – Sleek and Minimal

The classic look is always the safe choice when it comes to interior home decoration. But if you are looking for something exciting to spruce up your haven and make life a little more on the edge, you should probably think about going for a modern or contemporary style in home decoration.

Here are potent guidelines on modern home decoration to ensure that you are on the right track when designing and decorating your abode.

Get Ideas and Tips

It is great if you can read interior decoration magazines and books so that you will get ideas on how you would want your home to look like. Of course, at the end, it would be better to add personal touches to the design of the home and not make an exact copy of the photography you saw in the magazine. It is also a good idea to ask advice and suggestions from a veteran interior designer or decorator.

Fix the Clutter

Before you can visualize your home effectively, you need to get rid of all of the distracting elements and retain only those that can be of great use for your home. Remember that modern style leans to minimalism, which means less is more.

For the things that you still need but hardly use anymore, organize and store them neatly in a storage room out of people’s sight. For the things that you do not need at all, consider giving them out as donations or selling them in garage sales. The money you get from it, you can to add to your home decorating budget.

Make a Plan

Plan how you would want each room in the house to look like. The kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, patio, dining room, and the living area should all have a flowing parallel design but at the same time distinct personalities.

Now, determine the things that you need for each room to accomplish the look you want for them. It is important to remember that sometimes you do not need to buy new sets of furniture but just improve on what you already have.

Sometimes, simply reshuffling old furniture to have a larger space and minimal design can achieve the modern look you desire. Or sometimes you can simply need to add a modern wall art to get the contemporary style you want. After this, you have to make a floor plan on how the pieces of furniture in the room are going to be arranged.

More Tips

o Go for Monochromatic Color Scheme

Choosing shades that belong to the same color family make the room look bigger and brighter, which is the objective of modern style.

o Don’t Forget Comfort

Comfort should not be sacrificed for style. It is important to achieve a balance between the two.

o Incorporate Metal, Stone, and Glass in the Design

These materials are commonly used for contemporary designs so make sure that you incorporate them when decorating your home.

o Avoid too Many Colorful and Fussy Prints

Plain spaces are ideal for contemporary styled homes but it is all right to have heavily printed accents on plain furniture. For example, a zebra printed pillow will look good against a black leather chair.

It is true that sleek and minimal are some of the key ingredients for a modern styled home. But this does not mean that it cannot be exciting and edgy. In fact, most modern styled homes are known for the contrasting colors of black and red, and the lasting visual impact of metal furniture, modern wall art, metal wall sculptures, and modern accessories.

This article was written by Jessica Ackerman and provided by, a site featuring unique modern wall art and wall sculptures metal.

Affordable Home Decorating Begins With Good Design

Affordable home decorating allows for a creative mix of old with the new. Staying with the basics and a little imagination and you can have a stylish home on a budget.

Work Your Plan

Classic furniture and accessories are often copied because good design will always stay current. Mix in well designed but inexpensive copies of an expensive item with antiques and better quality pieces for effective and affordable home decorating.

Wicker furniture is an excellent example of good design, that is actually borrowed from the past, giving a new home character.

Wicker and rattan are stylish, lightweight and practical and can be mixed in any room. A wicker trunk can be a coffee table, an end table, at the foot of a bed or in the mud room. And the best part? Hidden storage.

If you don’t have a lot of furniture, move what you do have away from the walls. This will create a more intimate room arrangement.
One large and impressive piece is better than several small pieces, and will make the room appear larger and less crowded.

Affordable home decorating allows for negative space in the design of an interior, so edit your belongings if your room is crowded.

The 3 R’s: Recondition, Reuse, and Recycle

Recycle older pieces and use in a new and different manner than the way it was originally intended.

Reuse furniture. The drawers and doors of a piece can be outfitted for modern application, like turning a dining room buffet into a media center.

If a piece of furniture has nice lines and good bones, but is badly scratched or the finish is bad, it can be stripped and reconditioned, or altered with paint or even fabric, and it saves the piece from the landfill.

Visit estate auctions, yard sales and flea markets for undiscovered treasures.
Thrift stores and consignment shops are becoming more stylish and fun to peruse. You never know what you might find. Keep it in the community by visiting the stores in the neighborhood.

Color Your World

Changing the color of your rooms with paint is the most affordable home decorating “secret” and cost effective way to achieve a dramatic difference in the look of any space.

Consider doing the painting yourself with paint that is low in volatile organic compounds. (VOC’s)

If your room is sparsely furnished, color will add visual interest.
Divide a wall horizontally with two colors to give the illusion of a chair rail.

Painting doesn’t have to end with the walls. Paint the floor either solid or in a pattern to create drama to the room.

Do you like the look of wall paper but not ready for the expense or commitment? Stencils are an affordable home decorating detail of an ornate wall covering.

Black used as an accent will ground a room and bring out the best in other colors.

Cover Up

Rather, than re upholstering or buying new, replace tired upholstery with custom or ready-made slipcovers in an updated fabric.

Create a mixed fabric cottage look by recovering just the seats or change the look by replacing the separate cushions with one bench seat.

Look for upholstery grade fabric that has been discontinued or on the remnant tables.

Certain fabrics that are inexpensive never go out of style. Classic examples include muslin, white cotton duck, mattress ticking, and (some) chenille, which can be used as draperies, a bed canopy, slipcovers, or a covering for a skirted table.

Sisal as an alternative to expensive floor covering is a natural fiber and provides a neutral background to everything else in the room.

Express Yourself For Art’s Sake

Personal expression doesn’t need to be expensive to be beautiful.

A vase with fresh flowers of the same color is more impressive than a table filled with small nick knacks.
Group a collection of like items together on one table, like framed photographs.
Stack coffee table books on a small chair, table or the floor and use as an accent table.
All white china looks good no matter how inexpensive it is. Mix in mismatched china from the flea markets for interest and color, or it looks terrific displayed alone.
Borrow from your closet and use a shawl as a throw or purchase fabric in a chenille to make your own that you casually place on the arm or the back of a sofa.
One large poster on a wall can pack more punch than a group of little prints.
Frame a beautiful piece of fabric into wall art, a section of vintage wallpaper, greeting cards, pages from an illustrated art book or calendar.
Simple black frames used on different styles of art and photographs will unify the arrangements.
Display old chess and other game boards as an alternative to art for the walls, as well as architectural fragments from the salvage yards.
Hang trays, plates and platters with wire wall hangars purchased in hardware stores.
Hang a quilt above the bed for a headboard.
Search flea markets for inexpensive mirrors and frames for an intriguing arrangement on a wall. Vary the size and shape of the frames and paint in the same color for a uniform presentation.
Have particularly lovely and ornate frames? Hang just the frames by themselves.

Affordable home decorating is fun. You will be rewarded with your effort and gain a real sense of accomplishment when your home is styling and you did it on the cheap!

Great Country Home Decor Accessories and Their Key Role in Determining a Room’s Style

When it comes to home decor, there are thousands, if not even more styles to choose from. People who go with the country home decor style often opt for the natural, simple, casual and friendly style in their homes.

There are many people choosing country home decor, since this style gives everyone a sense of warmth, closeness, and it is most frequently associated with home and family. It is therefore no wonder why so many people would choose it.

This is a huge advantage for this kind of home decor accessories; another great advantage is that it is not at all expensive and it is not hard to achieve. This makes it ideal for the majority of people, because they can get a sense of coziness and affection in all the rooms of their home, with little money spent and no effort at all.

People who go with this style usually choose furniture which is made of light or natural tones, like for example oak or pine. The floor is of course in tune with all the furniture, so people usually choose hardwood flooring, tile flooring or even flagstone. In this style of a room, a braided or hook rug adds a touch or personal feeling to the room, making it warm and completing at the same time the country look you aimed at.

This kind of decor needs to be completed with appropriate window accessories, such as wood shutters, wood blinds, or with some simple valances. If you want to get some mini-blinds or other type of accessories for your windows, you should know that this is a terrible idea.

Everything that was created in a harmonious way until now could be ruined by that tiny mistake. When you choose a certain style for your room, you should stick to it all the way, because there are items which simply do not go well together.

The country home decor style can be improved by very small things which you can find in your neighboring park or even your back yard. Things like pinecones, twigs, moss, flowers, evergreen and many plants can add a natural touch to the look of your room.

You can place all these items in wicker baskets or even by themselves, in different shelves. They could give the feel of a wood cabin up the mountains, making you feel like you’re on holiday every time you step into the room.

Home Decor – Essential Accessories to Make Your Home a Heaven!

Everyone loves to make his home a beautiful and attractive place no matter how much expenses are required to accomplish this desire. Now-a-days, people are spending too much fortune to make their house attractive and unique. No matter it is lawn, drawing room, lounge or washroom. To fulfill the desires and demands of people there are many companies of home decor. Such companies offer different services of interior and exterior designing of house or other living places.

In this type of decoration there are many antique and unique home appliances available like wooden furniture, rugs of different materials and quality and other items. Paintings of different landscapes or of people are also very famous for home decoration. If you are also willing to decorate your house, then below is a brief description of home decor products and appliances.

If you love paintings and art work than such accessories can play a vital role to enhance the beauty and looks of your house. You can also add some statues or sculptures in your home to give it a unique antique look.

Apart from decorating walls of your home it is quite necessary to use proper flooring to your home according to the whole theme of your house. Floor also plays a vital role to depict the whole beauty of the house. So, experts and other interior and exterior designers always pay proper attention to the floor. Apart from flooring of the house do not forget to use proper furniture according to the exact theme of your house. If you are inspired by history and old customs then try to buy old fashioned furniture items. There are dozens of furniture outlets and showrooms from where you can easily buy and search antique design furniture for your home.

In the end, lighting also plays an important role to give a proper look to the house both from outside and inside. So, it is suggested that always buy those lights that grab people’s attention. Above mentioned home decor options are quite necessary to give a proper new look to your house both from inside and outside.

Home Decor Clocks – A Modern Way to Embellish Your Home

Home decor clocks help in styling any room of your house or office. They can redefine a blank wall by adding a different element of interest along with serving its purpose of showing time. Decorative wall clocks have their uniqueness and come in both modern and traditional designs with some being antiques while others follow the latest trends.

There are varieties of home decor clocks available like walls clocks, mantel clocks and grandfather clocks made out of wood and metal. These home decor clocks can be used for decorating your rooms in your style. But just like any other decorative piece of accent furniture, choosing the right home decor clock requires some important considerations.

Firstly decide what kind of decorative clock you require. Wall clocks go well with empty walls. But which room it has to be hung and on which wall counts here. You certainly can’t hang a wall clock that goes well with your kitchen in the office. There are varieties of designs available for different rooms like kitchen, living, dining and office. You can go for either wooden clocks or metal clocks with its designs ranging from antique to modern, complimenting your room’s theme and style.

The second important point is the size of the wall clock. Your kitchen might do with a medium sized clock as you already have other furniture and artwork occupying space on other walls. But in case of living and dining room a wall clock is considered as an important home decor accessory and thus it has to be big enough in size so as to not make the wall look empty. It’s better to measure the wall’s dimensions so that you can have a clear idea of how to go about finding the ideal one. Since wall clocks come is different shapes and sizes having measurements would be helpful.

Decorative wall clocks have gained much popularity as they are the best solution to decorate your house walls without a lot of effort. They are easily available online, in a number of designs, sizes and styles one needs. Moreover clocks do not even call for any sort of maintenance. They are easy to hang and if the wall clock is too heavy then try to hang it from a stud or an anchor to save your wall from permanent damage.

Decorative clocks are not for walls alone. There are clocks for floor, commonly known as grandfather clocks or long case clocks or floor clocks and mantel clocks to be kept tables and desks. These clocks too come with wooden as well as metal finishing and in attractive shapes and sizes. Make sure the face of the clock is matching to the wall colors of your room. There are many color options available in simple wooden clocks and metal clocks as well. Be it an antique lover or one obsessed with modern and trendy look, home decor clocks have everything to suit your taste and budget.

Rattan Furniture and Your Home

Today there are many ways to decorate a home with exotic furniture for a unique design. Whether you prefer Asian or Western décor, you may be interested in using bamboo or rattan furniture or flooring to give your home a unique look and feel. A member of the grass family, bamboo is a slender hollow stock that has been used by Easterners for their home furnishings for centuries. Rattan, on the other hand, is more of a vine-like structure, although quite sturdy. It has an outer skin, unlike bamboo, which makes it more suitable for welding or screwing furniture and flooring pieces together. This is why many customers nowadays ask for rattan rather than bamboo furnishings.

Bamboo grows in Asia, parts of Africa and North America, and northern Australia. However, neither bamboo nor rattan has been significantly developed for commercial purposes. Still relatively new and cost-effective, both bamboo and rattan add gracious touches of Eastern culture to a carefully cultivated home. You can start with a little to see how you like it, and later add more to round out the comfort and beauty of your home’s design and decorating scheme.

Bamboo rugs, mats, and flooring provide an essential foundation that is less costly than traditional woven carpet. However, some people don’t care for the look or texture of these materials. However, in the hands of a careful decorator and in a home where modernity is not the be-all of existence, one might do a lot with either product to create a comfortable, attractive environment that savors oriental themes. Since largely young women and children harvest bamboo, using these products helps to provide regular work and income for individuals involved in the industry.

For light, elegant touches throughout your home or in selected key areas, you may wish to shop for bamboo settees, tables, or even baskets to create a faint but discernible Eastern presence in the bathroom, den, sun room, or other area. Decorator wall fans of oriental design, an Eastern sari draped over a sea chest, and a framed art piece of shells or pearls can give the impression of a faraway fantasy world as well as a home that is simply furnished in high style.

A room that contains large rattan furniture conveys the impression of comfort and style with simplicity in design and modesty in cost. Silk draperies, linen throws, and a host of other added accents help to finish the display of Eastern art and ingenuity. Shop the latest catalogues from website sales firms that offer a wide selection in bamboo and rattan products at competitive pricing. Be careful that your rattan furniture purchase does not clash with the other items in a given area, or indeed, the rest of the house. Everything should coordinate not only in size, style, and color, but in décor, theme, and taste. Rather than use bamboo for the sake of using bamboo, look for ways to make it fit with your furnishings rather than forcing a look that your home is not ready to accommodate.

Home Decor Ideas and Tips

Expecting guests very soon but in need of a quick home makeover? Are you trying to give your room a livelier ambiance but aren’t willing to stretch your budget? Whether you’re contemplating of renovating your home or just trying to revitalize the look of your living room, here are some tips you just might want to consider.

Redesign your floor

As the room’s centerpiece, you’ll be surprised as to how a new area rug can dramatically change the look and feel of any room in your home. If there’s not much furniture in your living room, a dark rug with heavy pattern can make up for the lack of home accessories and furnishings. For a bedroom that looks a bit cramped and busy, a light colored rug with little or no pattern helps create an illusion of greater space. Instead of refinishing your floor, save time and money by purchasing a new area rug for your home.

Adorn your bare walls

Rather than applying a fresh coat of paint or peeling that expensive wall paper, hanging a new mirror or decor might just be a wiser and practical alternative. Effortlessly bring new life to your abode with a framed art painting or a wrought iron wall décor. Whether you’re trying to match your room’s Contemporary or Victorian theme, you don’t really need to dent your budget to enhance your room’s beauty. An inexpensive porcelain wall décor might just do the trick.

Reduce your clutter

Sometimes all you need to do is organize. Most homeowners get delighted of how much additional space additional storage accessories like cabinets and shelves can bring. Chest drawers can help you store and arrange reading materials that can be an eyesore when left scattered. Decorative coat racks and keyholders help adorn and bring order to your home.

Keep in mind that although you’ve set a cap on your budget, your options for redecorating your living room or entire home are virtually unlimited. Being practical doesn’t mean you need to compromise the beauty of your home. All it takes is a little research and imagination.

Tips For Buying Home Accent Furniture

If you ever think of decorating your home with beautiful home decor items and art works, ask yourself if you have a place to display them. If the answer is no then you probably have missed out on buying one of the most important range of furniture – Home Accent Furniture.

Accent furniture is small in size but very essential to compliment other furniture around the room. For example, it’s not enough to have a sofa and TV cabinet in your living room. It requires accent furniture like side tables to hold the table lamps, show pieces, photo frames, etc. Even if you dont have any such decorative items you would still require an accent table to place your TV remote control, coffee mug, books and magazines. Not only the living, but you might need them for other rooms as well.

The range of accent furniture for home includes furniture like side tables, chairs, mirrors and chests. We might not realize but it is impossible to survive without them. An accent chair might look like extra furniture to you, but you will need it the most when you have extra guests coming in. Also when you want to just sit and enjoy reading a book, a chair will satisfy you. Likewise, what will you do to keep your living room uncluttered when important papers and keys lying around the floor? Most probably you will need accent chest to put them away safely and make your room look tidy. Also chests are essential to store many such important items, especially when they are of daily use.

You have to decide on what kind of accent furniture will you buy while selecting all other main furniture. Let’s stick to the example of living room. You will have to buy a side table, chair and accent mirror which will go well with your interiors, furniture like sofa and other important decorations. Homemakers can get carried away by the different varieties available in the market. Consider these points before selecting any kind of accent furniture for home.

Needs: what is the purpose of you buying accent furniture? Is it for storage, to hold things or to fill the bare space? Decide on what do you expect out of the furniture. If you want to place a night lamp or just a flower vase in the corner of the room, then choose an accent table accordingly. Side tables and console tables are two types of accent tables available. If it is to just fill in the bare space, then go for accent chairs. They come in different styles and design to match the interiors and serve you best.

If it is for storage then you need accent chests and jewelry armories. Chests can be used for storing anything. But jewelry armories are exclusive for jewelries and are used for bedrooms alone. Both are wood furniture but available in different design and styles.

Style: what does your room convey? Is it traditional or contemporary? The whole idea of purchasing the accent furniture is to fill in the extra space in room in such a way that it adds on to the over all appearance of the room along with serving your needs. Home accent furniture comes as both contemporary and traditional furniture.

For the walls: just like space on floor, the walls also need to be decorated and occupied. If you have had enough of furniture around the room and would like to subtle the appearance, opt for an accent wall mirror. The wall mirror will require nothing else but a simple table and it will bring elegance to your room on its own.

It is not difficult to find accent furniture for home in the market. What is difficult is to choose the right kind, matching your needs and expectations.